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A dream is like a fine ship sailing across the water in a gentle breeze.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

A dream is like a fine ship sailing across the water in a gentle breeze as the sun reflects on a sea of blue. But the unknown dangers ahead will truly define your character, especially if you are on the sea in the high winds of a storm in a September blow. The rutter moves the ship in her wake unseen, so tie your dreams to the mass and lean into the wind and splash of the waves against your face and go and take the captain's Wheel. Hold tight to your destination. Point your ship into the wind. Turn the Wheel until your dream is spotted from the crow nest."Land off the starboard side " This ship is your hope. This ship must submit to your will, or the waves will shatter your dreams as they force your boat into the rocks. Cargo, yes, treasures are shattered as the ship veers off course and scrapes bottom crashes violently into the reef. Stay strong and hold tight to the Wheel. It won't be long you unbind your dreams from the mass, and your ship is in safe waters anchored safely off the shore; the sunlight silhouette the boat floating on the blue water of your island of dreams. Sail on. Be Strong, and may the wind be on the main sial as you reach your final destination.

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