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A shout out to new Artist: AL Timberlane Needs talent

You may receive a personal invite to record in the studio or be a part of the family of entertainers. I recently sent this to my closest friends to encourage them to continue to write and perform their music. one of the families is very active in the War and Desaster music of the 1800s. An example would be the civil war and the prosecution of the Christ followers in Sweeden back in the 1800s. The family is a folk music Bluegrass group, and their shows are fun and educational. The mix of banjo, mandolin, guitars, and vocals ranging from children's soprano to men's tenor makes a magical mix to the listener. The kids are growing up, and some are graduating high school, so I am making the point in my invitation for the show that changes though they may be difficult, is a good thing for the family. But don't give up on the dream. Here is part of the letter. An invitation to record be produced and published. The letter is to a friend of the family, Natan, an Ozarks Mountain fiddle player.

Have you and Brennan been able to get together on a schedule for some free recording sessions for your music and guest musician interviews about what you all have been up to this summer and your plans for next year? Give me a call to get the times I am available to produce and record these sessions. This is an excellent opportunity to record and share your story. I am working hard to improve my skills and the studio to produce a fantastic show for folks in Arkansas. I am negotiating a deal to have a local spot on our local radio FM stations in Leslie and the folk station in Mountainview and publishing a podcast to SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple. All material will be Mastered and sound great. I will take entire liability and be responsible for all songs recorded to be registered, copyrighted, and licensed for broadcast with you as the featured Artist. Copyright law requires all music to be licensed and approved for broadcast. Also, a collaboration artist, composer, or musician will be noted and receive a split for their contribution to the recordings, song, and works. You are the leading Artist or band. I can also register you with BMI or ASCAP as your Publisher.

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