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Thanks to Christian Radio KCGS: Theatrical Show to Debut

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Wayne, I would like to know an excellent time to meet with you and do a walkthrough of the station. And you could tell me about the station's vision. I would also like to talk to you about my ideas and vision for Timberlane Entertainment company here in Leslie, a newly registered LLC company. One of the purposes of starting Timberlane is to reach people with the message of salvation through testimonies of the local people that live here. One way we accomplish this is by producing a show that gives a voice to the artists, musicians, and storytellers who live here. I hope to reach out to our community with music, interview local folk music artists, and record their stories and testimonies. Many of these folks love Jesus, but their music and great stories are never covered.

Timberline intends to give them a platform to share those memories and testify their love for their neighbors and God.

Up Date: Since this initial text, Wayne has been great to work with. He truly loves God, and his listeners are most important to him. He invited me on his Saturday AM show so I could share Timberlane's vision for Folk music and storytellers here in Arkansas with his audience. And he allowed me to share a theatrical show idea for Christmas. This gave me a head start.

I am now promoting our newest production. I invite you to write your favorite Christmas stories and send them to Timberlane Entertaiment Company LLC to be a part of our Christmas stage show. Your Christmas memory may appear in the Christmas cards that are read at the Christmas tree celebration scene on stage as part of the show in Billy Goats and Christmas Cards, a comic musical written for Stage and Film that leads up to a beautiful Christmas song Grand finally. So please send your stories to Timberlane Entertainment LLC. We will give out a cash prize for the top stories chosen. We also want to invite local Actors, songwriters, and storytellers to join Timberlane Production. We will be having auditions, which I will announce here in the Leslie and Mountain View area in October. Sign up on this site and let us know your talent if you want an audition. Contact information. AL / Name talent and number to text and email info.

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