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Al Timberlane Spotlight is on Rock The Universe

Rock The Universe did not disappoint, and I would highly suggest that you make plans to attend the 2023 event! It is definitely a great excuse to visit the Sunshine State and you are guaranteed to have your faith ignited, your soul lifted up and of course experiencing all of the coolest rides around! Big thanks to the Universal team for having us out for RTU 2022

While the music is what brought us to the park that weekend, it was many of the park’s marquee attractions (and new ones) that we loved the most. My kids are huge comic book fans, so Islands of Adventures’ Marvel area was a huge hit my two twelve-year-olds, Aaden and Zachary. My older daughter Hannah is a huge Potter fan, so visiting Hogsmeade (Islands) and Diagon Alley (Universal) was the highlight of her trip. If you have never been to the Wizarding World, there’s two things I would suggest trying: One, Butterbeer. No, this is not an alcoholic drink, but rather a carbonated butterscotch-tasting soda with a creamy froth. As a diabetic, sadly I had to limit my experience of that as taking a few sips from each of my kid’s drinks, much to their displeasure! The second thing – taking a ride on the Hogwarts Express between the parks. The minutes long train ride between the parks saves walking time between park gates and gives parents a few minutes to unwind!

But, I think the ride highlight of the weekend would definitely have to be Islands of Adventures newest attraction – the Velocicoaster! As a roller coaster enthusiast who has ridden many of the biggest and baddest steel track rockets – Velocicoaster is not an easy favorite! Despite the ride’s long lines, it was definitely worth the wait and highly suggested as the first thing you ride if you go to Island of Adventure!

Matthew West performs an energetic set before a large crowd at Rock The Universe 2022

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