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Blind-sided in 2021, then stalled in 2022, doubt stirred for all Entertainment Platforms.

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

As an Entertainment company, we aim to be the apple of God's eye. We lost a lot of traction in the last two years. It was a blessing because some of us needed to step back and rethink our priorities, faith, and moral stance., The principles formula we stand on is equal to either success or failure. In this case, we have substituted and rewrote our ethics laws with faulty principles based on focus or fantasy. While this may work in a story, it guarantees failure in a corporate structure based on law and common sense. We need more community-centered and family-centered entertainment to gain better traction and focus for all the folks in our towns and communities. Nowadays, what matters is our commitment as a company to the communities and audience success in their day-to-day lives, which we can achieve by producing positive story content that stirs the audience to be successful in their relationships with their fellow citizens and family—seen in Judeo Christian Faith. In other words, characters who make mistakes can be seen as familiar everyday heroes because instead of lying or running around the error in judgment, they attack it head-on and inspire others to do the same. Children should feel safe and supported by their families, school administrators, teachers, and town servants. We all like to be entertained, but we need entertainment businesses with common sense and a commitment to family morals and faith-based principles, or we are app to repeat the same contemptuous errors of our counterparts in power in our social platforms and other media corporations today. The moral to this story of removing ethical principles and substituting fluff from our corporate structure is that it has directly impacted our political and social network to the point of complete collapse, so to correct this tremor affecting corporate companies like ours, we must reestablish these cornerstone moral principles into this new company. We will add them to our purpose statement. Beyond making a profit, we must positively impact the people and families we serve. So yes, 2022 has been a year of reflective thought for us, and we will set our goals for growth on the foundation of Faith, Hope, and Family. The shows and entertainment platforms we developed that drive our profit and development must support the new ethical principles written in our bylaws. Let's keep our eyes wide open for that purpose. To edify and build up and to encourage, so all of us put our best foot forward. I believe in Mom and Dads, and I believe in you, my audience, just like the song says. I believe in Love.

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