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Dave Vandyke - Reader's Digest - Nicest Place in America Tour Interview - Folk Music Rewind

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

] Dave VanDyke Is a longtime friend. Dave has been a singer-songwriter for as long as I have known him. He is a fantastic guitar player and an excellent performer. Dave Vandyke has been performing his music for nearly 40 years and plays mostly acoustic Americana root music: folk, Rockabilly, and classic rock & roll. His introductions to the songs often incorporate music folklore, and Dave has always been able to tell a great story that the audience will sit on the edge of their seat to hear. Followed by an excellent and entertaining performance by his band The Van Dyke Revue,”

According to Dave, an original composition written by Dave VanDyke called “Small Town Come On Home to Me.” was inspired to write this song during the pandemic lockdown. During that time, Dave nominated Buchanan, Michigan, his home town to Reader’s Digest as the Nicest Place in America. Buchanan won that nomination and was voted the Nicest Place in America. In 2021. Since then, he has written a fantastic song Volya to help freedom fighters in Ukraine, and this summer has been touring from town to town in his Nicest Places in America Tour. Here on Folk Music Rewind, we will interview Dave about his music and his amazing stories about the tour and The Folk music he performs.

Part of this intro-log was inspired by Stream music.”-Thomas Hoyt, Buchanan Chronicle.

Join me, Al Timberlane, on KWMV 88.5 FM Mountain View, Arkansas. or at at 5 pm Monday, 7-23-2023, to listen in on this Live Interview recorded just a few days ago.

Musical Style/Genre: Mostly acoustic –roots music with a splash of American Rock & Roll. And stories. Lots of stories.

City of Origin: Buchanan, MI

Studio: Trackattack Studios (Decade) / Davis Studios (Small Town / Volya)

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