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Folk Music Rewind Spotlight : Nathan Dodds VIP Fiddle Player

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Folk Music Rewind listens to the behind-the-mic outtakes at Timberlane Ranch studio here in Leslie, Arkansas. Fiddle player Nathan Dodds studied under friend and fiddle player Samuel Yonger, a Mountain View VIP Musician. Nathon Dodds was born and raised in Timbo, Arkansas; he plays fiddle folk tune.

." Darling Nelly Gray," a 19th-century anti-slavery ballad written and composed by Benjamin Hanby in 1856 and written from the point of view of an enslaved person in Kentucky whose sweetheart has been taken away by enslavers. He eventually dies and joins her in heaven. I hope you enjoy these outtakes from the show Hosted by Al Timberlane. Folk Music Rewind


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