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Libby Sulivan Inspirational Accordion Folk Players

 Al Timberlane Show and Libby Sulivan Inspirational Accordion Folk Players on Folk Music Rewind. Aired March 18, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., I'll talk with Libby and her guest David Wright on guitar and Royce Ivey on stand-up bass about Gospel music, folk Music, and traditional folklore of Mountain View. The show will have amazing gospel and folk tunes of old-time Ozark music. You can tune in on or the radio at KWMV 88.5 FM Folk Music Rewind!

Thanks, Libby, for being on Folk Music Rewind. I may not share this story as well as you, but I am a folk storyteller. To hear the most accurate truth of the story when you see Libby in Mountain View, Ask, and I'm sure she will be glad to tell you the full and true story of amazing Families and sing a song or two, too. Here's how I heard it.

Libby stopped by the radio studio this afternoon, and we talked for awhile. Libby told stories about her father and how he was changed forever by an encounter with God on a back dirt road in Mississippi. He wanted the same salvation and filling of the Holy Ghost in his heart that his wife had received at the camp meetings days before. On that late afternoon back in the Mississippi, her daddy received the "Holy Ghost" filling. She said he stopped, got out, fell on his knees, and prayed, and right there on that dusty road, he gave his life to God. She told me that in those early years, there were stories of healing and restoration as the message of salvation and the power of the Holy Ghost was shared by the testimonies of the country folks across the Mississippi Delta countryside. Not long after that, Libby's daddy became a country pastor back in the early 1950s. As time passed, he was known to drive that old truck from home to home and farm to farm, filling the back with young and old alike. His flat truck could be seen filled with twenty to thirty people being driven across the old rutted-out dirt road of Mississippi to attend those old camp meetings or on a Sunday morning headed to the old country

church where he pastored.

His Family would play old heart-ranching Gospel folk songs as the boys added wood to the stove to keep the patrons warm while her daddy shouted out the old salvation story of Jesus and the old rugged Cross in that small country church on the back road in Mississippi.

We don't hear stories like this often, so I genuinely appreciate Libby Sullivan for sharing it,

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