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Steal the show: 6 tips to make the crowd go wild

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Performers are here to both Entertain and Engage the audience! Here are some tips on how to do just that from the Experts:

1. Mingle before the show. Say Hi! Let your audience know that you are a friendly entertainer (I love that you are here for the show!). After all, they have paid you for being there, so let them know you appreciate them.

2. Get the crowd involved! Always include your audience. Audience participation is a must! Let them know they're all included; let them feel something, and have something to remember.

3. Surprise them! Bring in a guest act and pull out a unique trick; for example, I even had a hypnotized volunteer run my show for 10 minutes; she did great and could have put me out of a job- and her friends in the crowd loved it!

4. Lights Camera, Action!

Is the lighting perfect? Do you have some colored lights to draw more attention? Have your talent considered filming your hypnosis show and providing it digitally for your audience members as a keepsake? They could take it home on a USB or DVD free for the paid audience or a small fee or donation!

5. Be different. Be different from the others, and stand out! Give your crowd a memorable night. Outdo yourself every show; change it up. Tell stories about yourself. As showmen, we were extraordinary at laughing at ourselves and the jams we got ourselves into. And something to do often ( Make sure to have plenty of stories and material and content on yourself!); the audience loves seeing an honest and open showman! They will remember the night for a long time to come!

6. Thank your crowd. After the show, mingle! Thank your audience! They gave you their time, and they would be delighted to meet you (and again, assess whether or not you are a muggle-it-up person). Give a hug, and give an autograph. They will remember you!

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