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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Vocal Powerhouse Zahna Releases New Single “Erase” 2/25/2022 The Grizzly Award-Winning Artist’s First Single of 2022 Delves into Hopelessness and Overcoming It In a Turbulent World FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Houston, TX (February 25, 2022) – Hopelessness. This sadly seems to be a common theme for many who are continuously finding themselves seemingly stuck in life or trying times. For Suzahna Madsen, better known by her stage name Zahna, this too was a reality. A reality in which she explores in her latest single “Erase”, which you can get on digital platforms here. “I wrote it in a time of a lot of uncertainty and distress in my personal life. I was really struggling to get by with my genetic disease and some financial hardships it was putting me in, and some of my relationships were really suffering, not to mention taking on the beast of the music industry” Zahna explains. “My dreams felt further away than ever, and I was still carrying and manifesting a lot of pain and anger from traumatic things in my past. At the height of these emotions, one day, I went to take a shower, where the shower is my thinking place, and I just remember crying so hard. I wanted that water to wash away all my pain, anxiety, and guilt. I wanted to drown in that water, and “erase my identity” from this world.” Knowing that things have to “come to pass” as witnessed through David many times in his Psalms acted as an inspiration behind “Erase”. “Who we are in those moments, when we think God has forsaken us, shows us our true character and resilience” says Zahna, “The testimony of this song is ‘I’m still here’, and the lesson is that you will wake up and find a better tomorrow. Life is so precious, and you should never take it for granted.” 2022 promises to be a busy year for Zahna, as she works to prepare the independent release of her upcoming record and lay the groundwork for long term success. She also plans to tour extensively to support the release of “Erase” and upcoming record. “I believe in touring meaningfully and competing with myself in terms of creating better and better songs and impactful music videos. There are levels to this artistry, and I’m always trying to reach the next level” Check out the lyric video for “Erase” here. Follow Zahna on these on-line platforms:

(Courtesy of Today’s Christian Entertainment)

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