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Timberland Spotlight: Producer notes. Rock the House!

Updated: Aug 16, 2023


I will teach you step by step so you have a solid music industry foundation and can record and release all your music confidently. As a producer, my main goal is for you to understand step by step this complex industry—foundational steps in the next blog.

Your work with a publisher or Label will be a bit different. I hope this helps. If you need help with any of these steps or need the forms, I will help. But with this information, you are standing on a solid foundation to confidently move forward.

So you've been recording in the studio for a few months and hope to engage the fans and have them preorder your LP. You must do a few more things to do an entire release and have 100% copyright. As your producer, I will help you set up the national radio release, and If you want, I will show you how to self-publish the work. As the recording Artist, you will receive 100% of the royalties and A split with your co-writer on the song itself and royalties on the publishing and sales of the music based on your license agreement with the mp3 and vinal record and publishing of the studio Mastered As the feature recording Artist. There is another royalty which is 100% yours. As far as Licensing it for film and TV no rush. Just one step at a time. You 'may like to have some CDs made or cassettes ( a Fade for fans to own) to buy online on your website and merch table. We will need artwork for the single drop. And video release if you'd like? Zip drive USB demos. Email mp3, FLAC, and wave files for local radio stations to a list of thousands of stations. I can do the wholesale cost of the cassettes and CDs. On stage, the fans love to hear you point to the merch table, hold up the limited edition LP vinyl, and throw out T-shirts while introducing the band. Or you can invite fans to play tambourine or shaker eggs with your logo and let them take them home after doing the song. Throw in a fantastic game like the name that tune and the first fan to name it wins a cassette or mp3 or cd. Do three songs for the game. Give away three project singles. Fans love this and will talk about your show all summer. (Blast from the past frisbees and giant beachballs made to promote the tour or lp project mid-America states. Promote the merchandise on the table which is always a great idea, like breadcrumbs that lead to LP sales and Website fan base. Merch can be made as you tuor and shipped to you on location.

You are the boss. You call the shots I help and record and make a million suggestions or less. We are looking forward to the show tomorrow. Lori, Beck, and I will be there at 10.AM Will be taking many Pictures and filming the show I hope to talk to a few of the musicians on camera. Rock the house.

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