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Timberlane Music Spotlight: 1964 Blue Soul & Rock & Roll

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Back in 1964, It all was moving too fast. Folk music, Country, and RockAbilly faded as rock and Roll became the most listened to music ever. The technicolor picture show of the rock and roll era of the 1960s was transforming the hearts and minds of a generation. It's not black and white, just technicolor and rock and roll. AM Radio DJs nationwide rolled out the top electric guitar duos and trios. They were releasing hit after hit. As summer rolled in, teens and young adults went crazy over this fantastic rock sound; they loaded their VW Vans and cars and headed down to the folk festival, and music dives across the West Coast and mid-America USA. Here are the top ten rock and roll hits in 1964

This music made time stand still. Community, home, and even the church seemed to disappear for this generation. Not long after this, the Jesus movement began. Hearts were stirred, and men began to turn back to hope. Leonard Cohen sang Hallelujah and Bob Dylon's "Time they are a-Changin'." Songwriters and musicians traveled across the USA from festival to festival, a truly magical time for our generation. Bob Dylon's "Like a Rolling Stone" Still, many of us felt empty as the drugs and parties faded. Many of those people had wandered too far from home and became hopeless after all the parties and great music. As the Beatles wrote, click here for the song: "Look at all the lonely people."

Where do they all belong? John Lennon once said rock and roll was more popular than

Jesus. At that moment, rock and roll broke down off the roadside of time for many who came from great families and the American life. And we all took time to think about our roots, the families we all loved, and this new technicolor magical mystery tour we were all on. Dylon was correct. "Times they are a-changin'" Long since forgotten, a generation lost, the curtain torn, the stone rolled away from the grave, and Christ rose to save us all that day. Out of the ashes of arrogance, the Jesus movement was born. Peace, Hope, and love replaced "Love Not War" and "Helterscleter" shortly after the Beatles broke up. And Christian Rock arose!

In 1969, Larry Norman returned to Capitol Records, now headed by Mike Curb, to honor his original 1966 contract with the understanding that he would have complete artistic control. Believing that "Kids just don't want to listen to God's empty songs anymore," in December 1969, Capitol released Norman's first solo rock album, Upon This Rock, "the first major label record to marry rock music with the gospel." "The Sergeant Pepper of Christianity," widely regarded as "the album that first recruited rock in the service of salvation," later cited as being "one of the roots of the current Contemporary Christian Music" and now considered to be the first full-blown Christian rock album." of the Jesus Movement LP Upon This Rock.

Love Song Ecspalanes the resolve with this song. Click here for the complete music of Little Country Church.

The Jesus movement began a long time ago. The New Testament tells the story of one of the most remarkable religious and social movements the world has ever seen. And all this began with the life of just one extraordinary person—Jesus. Jesus’ life can be known by reading the four gospels with the end that Jesus was crucified and resurrected. If we talk about the earthly ministry and movement of Jesus, it would end with his crucifixion. For this early period of the Jesus Movement, Jesus appeared as a critic of Israeli society, challenged the Jews by healing the sick on the Sabbath day, taught people the meaning of wealth, addressed himself as the Son of God, and promised the Kingdom of God. All these led to his crucifixion by the Roman officer Pilate. Jesus resurrected and appeared to his disciples three days later, so his resurrection and the holy spirit keep the Jesus movement going until today. NT writers often recited the scriptures in OT to show Jesus’ significance. Paul believed God fulfilled Abraham's promise through Jesus’ death and resurrection. So, Christ's death and resurrection are crucial to understanding "The Jesus' movement" today.

The Jesus movement is reawakening today across the nation as young people who have been bombarded by social media and have bought into so many social-political lies are waking to the emptiness of their choices and returning to their Christian values and back Jesus, the God of Peace, Hope, and Love. And if you listen to the radio, satellite, and media platforms, you will hear the music and the people's voices. Folk music, gospel, bluegrass, country, and rock and roll are returning to their roots. Music is at the heart of our world. Haililua expresses it best.

According to today's charts, here is a list of the top 10 Christian rock Songs.

Jimmy Driftwood often said, "Folk music is the music of the people." Today, as The Jesus Movement continues, remember the words and the music are the musician's gift to the people, and the message is plain and clear here in America. We are one nation under God and will "Sing Salvation Song.

Written by At Timberlane 8-29-2023 Inspired by Lelon Worrell and Jerry Foshee and The Jesus Revolution and book by Ignite Azusa: Positioning for a New JESUS REVOLUTION Talk about below.


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Growing up in Southern California in the Vineyard movement led by the late John Wimber, I often heard stories about a hippie evangelist named Lonnie Frisbee, who had helped birth the Jesus People Movement and had been catalytic to release the Holy Spirit in the Vineyard movement. One story stood out: On Mother’s Day in 1980, Frisbee was invited to speak at the Anaheim Vineyard for the first time. When he welcomed the Holy Spirit to come into power, it is said that when he lifted his hands in a V-shape, people fell out in the Spirit in the same direction as his hands. Something broke open that day because the Holy Spirit shaped our movement to this day. I am so blessed to have grown up in and continue to live in the momentum and ripple effects of one hippie preacher’s “yes” to be yielded to the Holy Spirit. I was thrilled to discover his story would be featured in a major movie.

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