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Timberlane Music Spotlight: Singer-Songwriter Chloe Murray & KWMV 88.5 FM

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

FFolk Music Rewind Radio Show on KWMV 88.5 and DJ Al Timberlane

We want to thank Chloe Murray and her husband, Gabriel, for being a part of our newest show on KWMV 88.5 radio, Folk Music Rewind, on January 16, 2023

Our first week's guest was Chloe Murray, Words as Rumored, who performed her newest song, Poison, and the Antidote and Problems. Chloe stands out as an up-and-rising performing artist and is this week's Timberlane Music Spotlight. With her creative songwriting and powerful voice, Chloe Murray is a step above the rest. When Chloe sings, she shows an authoritative command of dynamics, and the emotions that rise naturally throughout the performance captivate the listener. Chloe Murray, Words As Rumored is not just a poetic saying she wrote but rather a way of life. Like the small rural community she comes from near the Ozark Rocky Bayou, Music has always been at the center! Each song she sings is an extension of her experience and a reflection of deeply felt conviction that rings out long after she ends her song. In the moments of silence that follow after performing such songs as Poison and the Antidote, the audience is caught up in the emotion. At Chloe Murray's core is the expressive power of her remarkable voice. I see her as a great folk singer-songwriter who, given the right opportunities, will be center stage for years to come. We at KWMV 88.5 extend our gratitude to Chloe for granting us this interview and wish her the best for her family and music career in the following years.

Jimmy Driftwood once called Mountain View The Folk Music Capital of the World, and the slogan fits. This is a Community of Folk artists like Chloe Murray, and if you ever visit Mountain View, you will love the music, heritage, and folklore. The foundation of all music genres can be found in the history and stories of Mountain View, Arkansas! More than Just hillbilly music., Folk music is the music of the people. Samuel Younger knew this when he played his first fiddle tune when he was just a boy. Like the music that followed his generation, the next generation is taking the mantle, and I am proud to say Folk music and folklore are alive and well in Northcentral Arkansas. As an Artist, Chloe Murray writes in a folk alternative style all her own. And I want to encourage and admonish her and talented songwriters and folk musicians like her to continue such a great heritage.

One more thing about this songwriter is Chloe Murray's acoustic tunes, and chording are unique; I compare Chloe to Artists of the folk music revolution of the 60s, like songwriter Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, who were both famous for their lyrics, arrangements, and style, and storytelling within a short verse.

In my interview with Chloe and Gabriel, Chloe shared this:

As a creative poet and songwriter, I am impacted by the people I'm around in these mountains that surround me unawares. And the event and stories end up in my poetry and Lyrics of my songs". I'm not sure if that is exactly how she said it. Still, she describes this folk influence as "Words as Rumored." For example, we can see folklore in the beauty of the Buffalo River. It is always meandering and changing through time, flowing through our backwoods like the water that meanders through the backcountry and feed our creeks and streams that flow down into the valley after it rains, flowing through the hills and over the ledges as waterfalls rushing through the canyons as it rinses and give new life to our farms and cabins homestead on each mountain, Each fiddle, dulcimer, banjo, mandolin, guitar and stands up bass. Even the voices become part of the landscape adrift in the river's folk music currents. Like the Buffalo, the rapids move with great force, so much that the rivers path changes and meanders through the Rocky Bayou; The Music, Poetry, and folk songs that are born from writers like Chloe Murray become the songs of people as they ring out across the hills and are spoken and sang through each creative voice and become folklore of the next generation. And It is all because of Arkansas's quiet way of life, or as Chloe puts it, "Words As Rumored." Chloe is a Folk singer-songwriter and lives near Gilbert, Arkansas, in the small community we know as Saint Joe. Each song she writes and performs on stage and her farm impacts our lives, sometimes unaware, like a raindrop on the river, that at some point must touch the shore impacting the future and, yes, even the next generation to be born in these here hills we call home.

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