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Timberlane Spotlight: Zaya Dog of the Year 2023

Updated: May 16, 2023

Here is a post Lori made about her Dog Zaya in 2018. There has been no dog like her since then, so I award her Timberlane Service Dog of the year again in 2023, "Dog

2023." Congratulations, Lori Thomas and Zaya Thomas. Here is her post from April 1st, 2018

I miss Zaya so bad the tears won't stop. I am so lost without her, my best friend, my partner in crime; the house and my room feel so empty. I know I made the best decision for her. She was in so much pain, and she wasn't happy, and she wasn't Zaya, the unique spark that Zaya's infamous smile always on her face was not there. Zaya declined so rapidly that the bumps started increasing, and her body was riddled with cancer. I spent the morning laying with Zaya on her bed, just talking and cuddling with her taking in every moment. When it was time to leave, Zaya proudly wore her service dog vest once a service dog, always a service dog!! Zaya was surrounded by so many people that loved her I got to hold her the whole time. Zaya lay in my lap even when sedation was kicking in. She kept eye contact with me, and I kept telling her that awful cancer pain would pass; I loved her so much, and she was the best service dog I had and lay focused on me, ignoring her pain instead. She was so strong. Despite everything she was going through, Zaya was licking my tears as tears flowed down my face. Even when she drew her last breath, she cared for me. I told her I got this—just rest. What a service dog and my best friend.

I will be Ok. I got this. No more pain Zaya no more pain. Even though I have this vast painful void in my heart right now, Zaya is not in any more pain, and her Legacy will live on through a little female white German shepherd puppy named Legacy because she will be Zaya's Legacy. This pup will have some big Paws to fill. I am incredibly grateful for the six years I had Zaya by my side and all our adventures together. She is the best Dog ever, and our bond was powerful, especially with these last two months she taught me to be strong despite what life throws at you. I pray that God will keep her till we meet again on that beautiful shore in heaven. The only time Zaya lost focus was on the water of nearby lake Michigan. We will all see you again someday. Keep Hope alive. #Zayastrong. I will miss Zaya so much, but she is pain-free.

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