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Timberlane Spotlight: Carolina Mendoza Singer Songwriter

Updated: Mar 18

Singer-songwriter Carolina Mendoza is known for her charismatic voice and poetic vision.

Carolina Mendoza is a songwriter from Mountain View, Arkansas. She participated in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and worked on Ten Penny Gypsy's newest release, Word of the Water.

Carolina Mendoza and others from Mountain View and the Ozarks spent a week in Washington, DC, representing the Ozark Mountain Folklore and Folk Music. The Smithsonian Folk Life Festival Celebrates the Folk Culture of the World's Countries. She has been performing in and around Mountain View, Arkansas, and has received the title of the "Voice of the Ozarks" from multiple local radio shows like Mountain View Live and Folk Music Rewind on KWMV 88.5 FM and in Arkansas. Also, The voice of the whip-poor-will. An American singer.

And if you can attend one of her many concerts and jams around Mountain View, The Meeting Place, The Picking Park. The Stone County Cort House Stage. Or if you'd like to get a sandwich and drink, you can catch a concert in Junipers, in Calico Rock, Arkansas. At Carolina's concerts and venues, you'll hear some fantastic ballads and old songs, as well as her newest song, written by her and the songwriters she works with. Her latest Arkansas hit is a calibration single recorded with Ten Penny Gypsy, and she is doing quite well in the Americana genre on Amazon Music and Spotify. Word of the Water is an inspirational tune, much like Down to the River to Pray, with a lot of that folk hymn, an African-American spiritual, an Appalachian song, and a Southern gospel feel. Although there is no reference to the gospel, it calls us to let our problems go. "The waters sing. Let it go." Carolina is working on an Americana album set and single releases to date. The Carolin Mendoza Acoustic Set will include her newest Acoustic Folk music songs written by her and fellow Arkansas Ozarks songwriters. acoustic guitar, "Alway By Her Side." You can look forward to the charismatic voice of Carolina Mendoza and her poetic visionary lyrics that will sweep you away, at least for the moment: "The water Sing Let it Go."

Meanwhile, in Arkansas, Carolina is working and performing at venues across the state, such as Junipers in Calico Rock and The Meeting Place in Mountain View, as well as festivals across Arkansas. So write down Carolina in Concert and keep tabs on her shows on Bands in Town and on Facebook.

Check back here now and then to follow Carolina Coreer as she goes out to perform her newest singles and poetic Foke acoustic works.

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