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Spotlight: Requesting Charter Flight Services to extend an invitation to the Service Dog community

Discount Blue Card Membership: What is it?

Our Cause: Get the word out!

Request Charter flight services to open the door to new flight Memberships for the unique needs and medical Service animal community, a charitable Blue Card Flight service.

The request:

Charter Flight Companies may want to help disabled people who have service animals but may not know there is a need for better transportation. Contact them and share the need for speedy transport for the disabled with Service Animals.

Ask about or suggest empty leg flights for those with disabilities who have a service dog. Work on their sympathy for all those people who have this need. Many corporate jet services will want to join that charity. With a few phone calls, you could help thousands of service animal owners travel with less hassle. Corporate America loves great causes and would hop on board with an excellent Idea for their charity contribution.

Please send us your list of Charter flight services that responded so we can thank them for their Kindness to our Special needs community.

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