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Timberlane Spotlight: Duane Porterfield Ozark Dulcimer Player

KWMV 88.5 FM Mountain View wants to thank Duane Porterfield for a great interview with Al Timberlane on Folk Music Rewind. Here is what you missed. Multi-instrumentalist and Ozark Folk musician Duane Porterfield as he plays American folk songs and tunes featuring various instruments like the mountain dulcimer, banjo, and musical saw. He was aired on 5-15-2023 on KWMV 88.5 FM in Mountain View, Arkansas. Watch and listen to the show now. Timberlane Entertainment LLC and Al Timberlane Producer

To listen to the Folk Music Rewin go to the site. To support what Timberlane Entertainment is producing for radio, please donate any amount at our site donation.

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