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Timberlane Spotlight: Faith, Family, Freedom,

A Letter to Friends and Family:

Faith, Family, Freedom, The Ozark Exchange: A cultural exchange of faith in folk tradition and music is still an idea. I am impacted by the folk music and the people of the Ozarks and hope to transplant some of our faith, family values, and roots to other far-off places. Who knows how our lives in Faith, hope, and Love of God and country may impact a nation? But we will never know unless we pray for our family, community, and government. And we asked God, according to our convictions and faith, to positively impact others. Your family has done these things consistently. Thanks for all the hard work, excellent child-rearing, and hours of dedication to Faith, Family, and Freedom. With God as our Anchor, our Folk Life roots will continue for the next generation.

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