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Timberlane Spotlight: Film and stage ideas

My name is Saipan, and this is my brother Chaps, and we are about to go on the

wallygusher adventures with Saipan and Chaps

All she needed was the cowboy hat; she would be like my best friend in the Ozarks. All three of us, plus a few cow pocks with rifles that smell like dead kangaroos, waited to board." Hasn't it rained here for nine months? I said. "I overheard one of the Cow pocks with the tall hat say. In the distance, see dark clouds. From that moment, everything shifted. The street began to fill with people. Dust filled the air as it was a mess and looked a bit like a stampede. It was people, not horses. The majestic red Dodds Stagecoach, led by a team of Clydesdales, pulled to the loading dock. The cow pocks warned us to get on the Stage due to the gunfire.

Chaps just looked at them. "What are you talking about themes' no guns." His words were cut short when large rain drops started falling from the Australian sky. One landed right on my head and splashed Chats in the face. "Get in." The Cow pock shoved us in when everyone started hooting and hollering. They all shoot-in themes' six guns into the air." I haven't ever seen anything like this. "Me neither said Chaps. After that, we just sat and enjoyed the sound of the rain and the cool breezy in the Stagecoach. And I am so glad those Cow pock sat outside on top of the Stage to guard the carryon and are not in here with Indi and me and Chaps because they smell like Kangaroos. And that's how my adventure of a lifetime began

wallygusher adventures with Saipan and Chaps.

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