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Timberlane Spotlight: Nathan Dodds & Brennan Wiede Fiddle and Banjo

Updated: May 29, 2023

KWMV 88. 5 FM Mountain View aired Folk Music Rewind Interview with Nathan Dodds and Brennan Wiede in February 2023. Here is the invite to all our Listerners to revisit this show right here on Join us on KWMV 88.5 FM Folk Music Rewind this Monday, when our guests will be Nathan Dodds and Brennan Wiede - The Dodds' Fiddle Jam Band. They will play classic fiddle tunes and talk about their friends at The Ozark Folk Center, Samuel Younger, and other Folk Music legends. Listen on February 20th at 5 PM on KWMV 88.5 FM Mountain View—another Folk Music Rewind you won't want to miss. Please Share on your friend's Facebook. Give Dodds' a thumbs up. Thanks

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