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Timberlane Studio Spotlight: "Fox in the Hen House"


"Fox in the Hen House" Stories and Music of the Ozark Series will Premier in Mountain View, Arkansas, and air here at Media Channel each week. On TMB Broadcast Channel. The show will also air live on the radio while taping the series in Mountain View, Ar. The Show is produced by Al Timberlane, founder of Timberlane Entertainment LLC. The theme is "The Music of the People," 1st stated by Jimmy Driftwood. It will include storytellers, music of the Ozarks, and skits of old-time radio shows featuring amateur acts by the musician and storyteller guests. Join me, Al Timberlane, as I Produce and host this new variety show. Our audience can view Live Streaming on multiple media platforms, and also, if you are in town, join us in the audience for tapings and live on-the-radio interaction this fall.

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