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Timberlane spotlight: service dog heroes benefit events

This is Zaya. she was my daughter's syncope alert dog her whole life. Her job was to alert Lori before she fainted due to an autonomic nerve system overload that caused the heart to race and cause a lack of oxygen to the brain. To me, that made Zaya a true superhero. This dog could sense the failure in Lorirs nervous system and was there 24 7 and able to alert her to get down on the ground till the event passed. Zaya was one out of a million. I truly miss her. She was known at the U of M (University of Michigan Hospital) Cartialvacular unit as a true Service dog hero. She was always welcome in the pre-op with Lori due to her task. The dog would alert Lori even before the nursing staff on duty were aware of loris's Syncope issue, sometimes even before the monitoring equipment saw it in her states monitoring unit on sight. And Zaya, even after a heat stent procedure, the dog was allowed in the hospital to help keep Lori alert during and after recovery and post-op. That is why Timberlane Entertainment plans to do a fundraising event shortly. To raise awareness of these incredible animals and help place service dogs with patients that they can assist and improve their lives. Service animals are more intelligent than a room full of Dr when it comes to one on one care of the person. Service animals should be treated as true heroes, like Loris Sevice Dog Zaya and her newest hero, Legend.

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